How to Use 100% of our Brain

[VIDEO]How to Use 100% of our Brain


This question may have come across several times already in our lifetime but just recently, Truth Theory clarifies this issue and gives an in-depth explanation through a video by American developmental biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton –the best-selling author of the book The Biology of Belief.

It turns out that we actually do use a hundred percent of our brain—but not all the time at once.

Furthermore, he even goes on to giving tips on how to maximize the use of our brain cells, using both left and right hemispheres!

See this eye-opening video below.

Our question has finally been answered! Now, are you going to step it up and follow Dr. Lipton’s advice on how to maximize using your brain power? We’d love to read your answers down in the comment section!

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Ashish Pattni
Ashish Pattni

Surprisingly no mention of the pineal gland in using a % of brain capacity. So if not activated are we really using 100%? Hmm

John Dancer
John Dancer

Helen"ll like this bert