Are You Always Distracted by other People’s Shenanigans? Here are Simple Ways...

Are You Always Distracted by other People’s Shenanigans? Here are Simple Ways to Stop it from Ruining You!


Getting out of focus in life can go as quick as a flick of a finger. One minute you are over the top happy, and then someone comes in suddenly ruining your day. If this happens to you many times in a day, I guess you do have to change your perspective now. Getting too overburdened with petty things other people do will just ruin you in the end.

So we have come up with some useful tips to help you…

A common example:

Someone says something that offends you and you hold onto this emotion, yet it doesn’t feel good. So you seek to distract yourself from this feeling. In our modern society we have countless options for this.

Another way of “dealing” with pain is to blame the other person. This is where anger and hatred come in, they’re incredibly powerful tools for distraction.

When you’re hating someone or something, your attention is no longer on yourself, your focus is on the other. If you were focused upon yourself, you’d notice how miserable you’re making yourself feel by holding onto hate, but that’s not the point of hate. Hatred is about blaming someone else for the way you feel, it’s about focusing upon the other and distracting you from yourself. You feed into your own unconsciousness to numb the pain of offense, while you put all responsibility on someone else!

So how to deal with emotional pain in a healthy matter? It’s incredibly simple, but at the same time it’s incredibly difficult for people to do because of strong habits that have built up. If someone placed a red hot coal in your hand, what would you do? Would you hold onto it and search online for techniques on dropping hot coals? 

sad-coupleMaybe go to your local bookstore and find a book on how to let go of a hot coal? Attend a week-long retreat held by an expert on dropping hot coals? Of course not, you just drop it, and it’s that simple for emotions too, except that you’ve never really been taught how to use your own mind.

Even if you can’t effortlessly drop a thought, you’ve been given a wonderful technique to assist you. It’s something very beautiful and healing, called forgiveness. If someone offends you, simply tell yourself this:

“This person offended me, but I’m not going to let it destroy my peace. I understand that what they said reflects more upon them than it does upon me, they are going through their own struggles, and I forgive them for it.”

To truly feel and believe that, and not just say it; is the process of transformation.

Humanity’s problem, and there’s really only one problem, is that we live unconsciously. We spend all day long avoiding how we really feel and we attempt the impossible, to escape from ourselves.

241_4-steps-avoid-people_flashThis is the root of all addiction, addiction is an attempt to escape from suffering. It’s not just “illegal drugs”, we’re addicted to the future, to the past, to food, to work, to movies, to video games, to Facebook, to the internet, and countless other things.

Really there’s only one addiction: distraction. Anything that distracts from the Here and Now, that’s what addiction is and it’s all self-destructive. Nothing wrong with something like watching a movie, but be honest with yourself about your motivations. Is it being done to avoid something you’re feeling?

This is your life! Don’t try to escape the ugly parts, because you will sacrifice the beauty as well. See the foolishness of trying to run from yourself, instead, keep moving back towards your Center. That is where all motivation, inspiration and joy in it’s purest form exists; within the spark of your happiness.

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