Want to Make People Like You? Follow these 9 Easy Steps Now!

Want to Make People Like You? Follow these 9 Easy Steps Now!


If you’ve been getting multiple harsh comments of how anti-social you are, there’s probably a good chance that your behavior is the primary problem. Well, you might say that you are perfect just the way you are, however, being perfect in your own sight doesn’t mean you are perfect in other peoples sight as well.

Perhaps, it is time for you to think introspectively at how you treat others. If you do realize that you a problem then it’s good to take this advice to heart…


STOP what you’re doing

LOOK Make and maintain eye contact

LISTEN Pay attention to what is said

ASK appropriate questions

RESPECT other opinions even if you don’t agree

SMILE to show warmth and friendliness

USE the person’s name

TALK about interesting things

PRAISE the person

These simple steps say: I am glad to be with you. I want to connect with you and have a positive interaction. Emotions are contagious. If you’re happy and pleased to be in another’s company, that person is going to feel the same about you.

BOTTOM LINE: We instinctively like people who like us. We appreciate and support people who make us feel important.

If you only remember 1 of the 9 steps, make sure it’s #9.


What you praise increases. Dwell on, focus on, talk about the negative and you will see more of it. Focus on the positive, and you will see more of that. Look for the good in people, praise it and you will call forth the best in them. And they will love you for it!

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