Insane or Credible? Aliens Send New Message to Humanity

Insane or Credible? Aliens Send New Message to Humanity


Needless to say, there are thousands of avid ‘alien believers’ out there. And no, these people are not practically converts of Scientology, these guys just firmly believe that other outer-space creatures do exist. But are extra-terrestrial beings really true? Or are they just products of mans vast imagination?

As for me I’d like to stay in touch with reality, however, others love to go beyond that.  Even to the point of saying aliens give us messages…

Marshall was illuminated as a young man through his contact with nature. In 1982, at the age of 33, he was called into the desert of the American Southwest and told to “record”. He had no idea what this would be. He only knew to trust the Angelic Voice. Thus began a decades long journey of receiving a message that would, in time, be revealed to be a New Message from God.

9,000 Pages Received

At over 9,000 pages in length, it is the greatest message ever received. The actual Voice of theAngelic Assemblyhas been recorded. Unlike previous Revelations, there will be no confusion or corruption with this one.

The New Message calls for human unity, cooperation, and caution with regards to our dealings with alien life. It explains that the universe is a difficult place to live. Technological civilizations are all competing for a limited amount of finite resources. Freedom is rare. It also highlights that this is our greatest opportunity to outgrow our difficult history and become the magnificent race we are meant to be.

To progress, we must first survive.The New Message from Godhas the information we need to help move humanity into a new direction. This message is for people of all faith traditions and people with no faith tradition. It is for the entire human family.

Sustained contact with alien life is the most difficult threshold a race can face.Aliens are here now. This is the world we have all come to serve. The Messenger walks the Earth.

Would you really believe this? I hope you don’t fall for clearly ludicrous ideas.

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