Zero Waste Grocery Stores – Possible!

[VIDEO] Zero Waste Grocery Stores – Possible!


The Europeans are always at the forefront of innovation and advanced and socially sensitive practices. You have got to hand it to them to think this one up. When you go into any grocery store in Asia or North America, you see stacks upon stacks of food products and you can just imagine the wastage that goes on behind closed doors. A grocery store in Berlin came up with an idea on how to eliminate wastage while giving the customers just the amount of food they want. Very impressive.

Now this is amazing. A Berlin grocery store, Original Unverpackt, is an experiment in grocer-ing.  They sell upwards of 350 products dispensed from refillable containers, while some of the liquids come in bottles with deposits on them.

original_unverpacktThe store creates zero waste and the customer is able to purchase exactly as much as he or she needs, which contributes to less waste at home.

When we really think about it, there is so much unnecessary packaging and waste that comes along with buying food.

Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski crowdfunded the store and, driven by the idea to do “something impossible,” have established a way to economically sell food without contributing to the huge amounts of municipal waste caused by food packaging.

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