How 16 Of The Most Brilliant Minds of Hour Time Managed Their...

How 16 Of The Most Brilliant Minds of Hour Time Managed Their Busy Schedules


History’s brilliant minds and one of mankind’s most successful people had a routine. Activities they scheduled within a day for them to be preoccupied with. Was it their good time management the reason for their success? Or were they just innately brilliant?

This article contains photos of what history’s brilliant minds did when they were still alive. Click through to find out and maybe you might just get a few pointers on what to do with your time, and your life.

The one thing that every person in the world has in common is time. We all have a day which consists of 24 hours, in which we can do with as we please.

Even so, person A can fail to achieve anything significant within an entire lifetime, while person B is able to crank out success story after success story.


What is the difference between person A and person B? It is definitely not down to a lack of time, because if one person can schedule their time for success, so can another. The truth is people succeed or don’t succeed, because of what they do with their time and the habits they form.


This infographic shows the daily routine of 16 high achieving people throughout history, what is really interesting about this, is the fact that all the routines are very different. Which goes to show that there is no set way to do things, but only a way which is unique to you and can be reached through trial and error.

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Source: TruthTheory

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