Hypnosis Thief Caught on Camera! – It Took SECONDS!

Hypnosis Thief Caught on Camera! – It Took SECONDS!


Modern hypnotists are different beasts compared to the traditional hypnotists

What would it be like if you could instantly control the minds of other people without having to put much effort? It is a good thing to believe that the power of the mind is limitless. Allow your mind to imagine instant hypnosis exists. Modern hypnotists are different beasts compared to the traditional hypnotists who used to depend on a pendulum and 30 minutes of persuasion.


Being a hypnotist myself, I know for a fact that hypnosis has developed so much that now it seems like the boundaries between induced states of trance and mind control are obsolete. Notice how what was considered to be science fiction in the past, is now a reality of today. This is not something difficult to perceive, isn’t it? What would it be like if you could also tap into these resources that perhaps you were not aware they were present in your subconscious mind? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that these powers were just sitting there waiting for you to be unleashed and used to the best of your ability to improve the quality of your life and the lives around you?

Covert hypnosis is truly a beast of a tool for self-transformation. If you are willing to explore this aspect of your consciousness, you should remember that the techniques of hypnosis have developed so much over the years that anyone can become a covert hypnosis master in a matter of days of training. Please check out the end of this article for practical ways to obtain these skills today.



The reason why this is so powerful is because it is undetectable to the untrained mind.

Modern hypnosis schools focus on hypnotising people instantly without the subject being aware that he or she is being hypnotised. Any proficient NLP or hypnotic pattern trainee will recognize the covert speech patterns that are used in mass hypnosis. The reason why this is so powerful is because it is undetectable to the untrained mind. Whether you realize it or not, Hitler did it, Obama is surely a master. Whether you believe this is true or not, it already exists in the minds of the people who were open minded enough to explore this particular mind hack. The more you read this particular article, the more you’ll understand that covert hypnosis could be helpful for many aspects of your life.

As a wise man once said, anything that you can imagine already exists. Imagine the benefits if would hold if you were able to perform covert hypnosis on yourself and other around you at will. What is it that you like about that particular experience that you are not having yet? How different would your love life, career and self-understanding be? What ecstatic benefits would it hold for you?


Imagine the benefits you would hold if you were able to perform covert hypnosis on yourself and others around you at will.

When you find yourself imagining the alternative reality that contains the best version of you who has perfected this skill, you’ll find yourself asking the following particular question. Is covert hypnosis mind manipulation? The simple answer is yes. The following videos will show you how some people were able to use this technique irresponsibly. With great power comes great responsibility.

If you can use instant covert hypnosis, wouldn’t it make more sense to make much more money by using this as a leadership tool to build a highly motivated business instead of just picking pockets? Check this out.

Derren Brown is a world-renowned mentalist whose hypnotic proficiency goes through the roof. This is nothing compared to other mind-bending experiences he can display. As a matter of fact, this can be done by anyone with just a little bit of training.


Because this level of proficiency is obtainable without much effort, a person was caught robbing a cashier instantly! We hope that, if you choose to master hypnosis, you don’t use it for small petty profits such as this.


Although it can be fun to place mental bugs on people for your enjoyment, do not get in trouble doing this. I personally use this techniques in a middle of a lecture. I know how powerful these techniques can because they are difficult to detect for the untrained mind. Despite the rists of playing this prank on cops, I have to be honest, it is really fun.


Now, this is just ridiculous. Most people can think this is fake, but I can imagine how you’ll notice this is a genuine footage. You may or may not know that this can be achieved instantly as well. It is truly amazing. It is not up to us the moral implication of this. We hope that you as a reader make responsible decisions.




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Wavey Davey
Wavey Davey

I'm calling BS on this. Maybe I'm so awake that only weak, simple, already completely brainwashed minds can be tricked like this. There was no inducing of a hypnotic trance state at all. BS!

Rolande Pelletier
Rolande Pelletier

Sorry this comment was made for the compassion post not this one. I feel like an idiot\U0001f62a

Rolande Pelletier
Rolande Pelletier

Not that many people feel or have compassion anymore. I have too much compassion and empathy for people. Even people that I feel have hurt me in the past.

Bill Goddard
Bill Goddard

Poor guy fell for it twice in a row. Lol \U0001f604

Darrell James
Darrell James

That's Derren Brown. British mentalist. You can google him.

Josh Sullivan
Josh Sullivan

The one with the cop and getting out of a ticket was pretty cool. Even tho he even said it didn't always work lol