Africa’s Worst Food Crisis In 25 Years—U.N.

Africa’s Worst Food Crisis In 25 Years—U.N.

Famine Looms

Africa is known to be the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent. But unfortunately, aside from its archipelago, Africa is also one of the countries who are suffering from extreme hunger. It has been a long time since this became of the world’s biggest problems. This has become one of U.N.’s advocacies for a long time already, and countries all over the world have done their parts already to redeem the people’s life but still, the same problem exists today.

The coming month will be even more worst for the whole country as this coming July, U.N. reported that it will be the start of the worst food crisis in the country in 25 years. Find out what will be U.N.’s action for this.

The UN has warned that Africa could be facing the worst food crisis in 25 years as the continent struggles with severe drought.

By Christmas, up to 50 million people will need food.

ITV reports:

Severe weather conditions caused by the worst El Niño – a weather phenomenon that affects rainfall patterns – in 30 years are worsening and drought has ravaged crops and driven up food prices.

More than 31 million need food now and 20 million more are likely to run out this year, the UN said.
A further 10 million people in Ethiopia, six million in southern Sudan and five million in Yemen were in danger of starvation after floods and drought, it added.

Stephen O’Brien, the UN’s humanitarian chief, told The Guardian: “The collective impact of the El Niño phenomenon has created one of the world’s biggest disasters for millions of people, yet this crisis is receiving little attention.

“The numbers are staggering. One million children in eastern and southern Africa alone are severely acutely malnourished, and across southern Africa 32 million people need assistance and that figure is likely to increase.”

The UN predicts that food will start running out on a large scale by July, with the crisis peaking between December and next April.

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