Alarming 100,000 Bats Invade Australian Town

Alarming 100,000 Bats Invade Australian Town


What if one day, not just one but hundreds of thousands of bats invade your home town? What will be your plan? What are you going to do? Are you even prepared? I’m very sure you’ll end up cleaning your car every morning. This might sound unbelievable to you but yes, it really happened somewhere in Australia.

Seeing a bat is fine with me but seeing thousands of bats flying around the neighborhood is terrifying. It can cause disaster to the place and even to people’s lives. The town has declared a state of calamity and is now asking for support from the Australian government.

An Australian town is in a “state of emergency” because it has been overtaken by a swarm of 100,000 bats.

100000-batsThe bats arrived in the aptly named Batemans Bay, located to the south of Sydney bringing with them with an odour and screeching noise that is driving the town’s 11,000 residents ‘bat shit’ crazy.

The grey-headed flying foxes are overrunning the town and the problem is so bad that  they are on almost every surface and in every tree.

The Independent reports:

The noisy bats, commonly known as flying foxes, have caused power outages, kept tourists away and hit property prices in the south coast town.

“Well, I think it’s a natural disaster. It’s a disaster for residents, it’s a disaster for the flora and fauna,” said local MP Andrew Constance.

Russell Schneider, of the Flying Fox Task Force, said: ‘This is the biggest, this is unprecedented. They’ve never been seen in these numbers.’

The bats, a protected species that cannot be culled, set up a colony in the town years ago but numbers have multiplied over time, media said.

The NSW Government pledged an additional A$1 million ($719,900) for state councils to manage problem bat colonies on Tuesday. They previously committed A$2.5 million for the “camp of unprecedented size” at Batemans Bay which has disrupted daily routines.

“Every morning, without fail, I have to wash the deck, wash the car,” local resident Kent Lewis said.

Flying foxes, which disperse fruit and pollinate trees, perform a crucial role in the ecosystem.

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