Mysterious Weird Lights Spotted Above The Clouds

[VIDEO] Mysterious Weird Lights Spotted Above The Clouds



Disclaimer: The following material deals with controversial subjects. The theories, opinions and beliefs expressed are not the only possible interpretation of the evidence. Viewers are urged to make a judgment based on all available information.

When was the last time you sat down under the sun on your porch or near the beach and just sitting there enjoying the nature? When was the last time you looked at the sky and just appreciating how beautiful it is? Maybe it’s been quite awhile.

Recently, a video was uploaded on the internet taking a video of the bright sky, showing some white clouds and you can clearly see that it was one of those really fine days where you can sit back outside and enjoy the heat of the sun. But once you look closely at the video, you will find out something odd on it. Something is happening literally above the clouds that you won’t catch easily if you do not look closely to it. What is it? Check this out.

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via Disclose.TV