Latest Car Teleportation In Australia Caught On Cam 2016

[VIDEO] Latest Car Teleportation In Australia Caught On Cam 2016

Car Teleportation

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Do you want to witness teleportation?

Teleportation refers to the hypothetical movement of material objects between one place and another without physically traversing the distance between them. Some people even consider it as a paranormal phenomenon.

Have you witnessed teleportation? If you haven’t witnessed it yet. Then this might be the perfect time for you to witness how awesome teleportation is.

Recently, teleportation of a car was caught on cam. While crossing a junction box, a car just shockingly emerged out of nowhere.

Having a hard time believing it? Watch it yourself and tell us thoughts about it in the comment box below.

The camera of a vehicle on the road managed to capture a rare moment because it recorded the precise moment when a terrible crash took place on the road to Australia because of a ‘ghost car’. The video shows a gray Opel Astra as he turned 180 degrees after hitting a van, but the curious thing about this is that one of the vehicles was not caught before the crash, this came out of nowhere.

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James Brey
James Brey

Yeah because when teleporting and traveling inter-dimensionally don't forget to get out and exchange insurance information. Hate those pesky teleportation accidents

John Harrison
John Harrison

Fake, the car was actually there the whole time as viewer of accident, the vehicle infront of the car and van were both blocking the speeding driver

Sean Brown
Sean Brown

After researching last night...I wouldn't put it past them.

Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart

There was a cable laying on the road. Mystery solved.