Rothschild’s Untold Relationship With The 4 Passengers Who Died From MH 370...

Rothschild’s Untold Relationship With The 4 Passengers Who Died From MH 370 Flight-Crash


4 Co-Owners of an important patent were passengers of Malaysia MH370 flight that crashed in the South China Sea. What is the relationship of these 4 people with one of the most controversial elites? Find out below.

We all know that the Rothschild family is a wealthy family who established their banking business in the 1760s. Unlike most previous court Jews, Rothschild managed to bequeath his wealth and established an international banking family through his five sons, who established themselves in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Naples.

What makes Rothschild a hot issue after the loss of the four co-owners? Do you think Rothschild has something to do with MH 370? Let’s find out the untold truth

The passenger roster of MH-370 may give a clue about why the plane disappeared.

The sudden disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH-370 airplane shocked the world and had yet to be properly explained despite investigations into the mysterious happening.



Various theories have emerged in the wake of the air tragedy, some plausible and some veering towards the fantastical. One theory holds that a black hole emerged and swallowed the airliner, although this has been dismissed by scientists as an impossibility. Slightly more plausibly, it has been suggested that the pilot of the airplane was suffering from mental illness and seized control of the plane to deadly effect. However, this explanation does not explain why the plane completely disappeared. Frustrated by the lack of clues relating to the disappearance of the huge airliner, some theorists have begun trawling the passenger roster to see if the identities of the people on the plane might yield information that could lead to a breakthrough in understanding this perplexing situation.

Now it appears that there was something suspicious about the passengers on the plane. Twenty of the individuals who are presumed to have perished were senior staff from an American technological company, Freescale Semiconductors, which specialises in military hardware. In addition to this, the vast bulk of the other passengers were engineers or otherwise employed in technology development.

A spokesperson for Freescale Semiconductors has said that the people on the plane had a great deal of experience, and strong technical backgrounds and their loss was a significant blow for the company. This revelation has given rise to speculation that these people were targeted in some way, but this a theory that throws up more questions than answers.

Why would somebody want to do these people harm? And did anyone have anything to gain from the disappearance of these highly skilled individuals? Intriguingly, four of the people on the ill-fated plane were co-owners of the patent to the Freescale Semiconductor’s ARM microcontroller KL-03, a recent improvement on the KL-02 which used for military radar systems. Theorists had honed in on this detail as when the plane disappeared; the patent was left in the sole ownership of one man who it has transpired is none other than Jacob Rothschild.

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Kris Palmer
Kris Palmer

There aren't such things as coincidence when government and elites investigate citizens.... But why is it OK to have "coincidences" when citizens investigate government and elites?

Alex Kelly
Alex Kelly

every plane that goes down, goes down with his approval