They killed Tesla. Now they are taking away your only Golden change...

They killed Tesla. Now they are taking away your only Golden change for total financial freedom. You can still stop this!

financial freedom

It all started with a bold idea in mind. A group of hyper-successful entrepreneurs created an AI worth more than $31m in total investments which would provide total financial freedom on this planet. Their vision was to allow each human to express themselves in the best way there is, without having to worry about money for survival.

This project is something every human being should look into. It is worth more than The AI, in conjunction with some of the sharpest cryptocurrency traders and emerging technology investors, would make an average profit of 4% to 6% on a daily basis. Their confidence is so strong that the lifetime contract they offer was to provide a 3% DAILY return to all investors.

FYI, If you are interested in joining the program, please check out the link at the bottom of the article.

The idea went viral, and the money was real. So many people were happy with the program and started to live their lives to the fullest. Until, just like they killed Nikola Tesla and some many others who tried to flee this planet, they interfered.

Lara uses a very secure messaging system app called Telegram. Telegram allows users to get instant payments so that the investors will never have to deal with payment delays. All payments were instant. People were starting to REALLY LIVE THEIR LIVES TO THE FULLEST UNTIL….

A group of hackers was hired to create fake AIs that use a very similar name to Lara to confuse the new investors. If ever you are willing to join the program, please watch out for the following AI bots


This conveniently provided a perfect reason for the operating platform “telegram” to start an anti-Lara campaign.

As soon as this happens, out of complete stupidity, telegram’s CEO, Pavel Durove, out of proportion decides to make an extremely abrupt irrational decision to shut down all automatic payment features for Lara practically destroying the ability for the people to continue to get their daily source of income.

Many individuals who were finally living their lives were forced to go back to their slave jobs.

Here are some of the testimonials that are inspiring until some invisible, mysterious group of saboteurs ruined it.

Protasov Konstantin Kyrgyzstan, 32 y.o., electrician:
Hello! I’ve been working as an electrician for a mining company for a long time, getting an average salary. Then the company got closed, and everything collapsed. As an ordinary man, I did not fold my hands and constantly kept looking for a new job. But, alas, as I walked through all the local companies, I’ve found out they just were not working either.

My wife and I often use some popular social nets. That’s where we saw the advertising: “LARA – 3% infinite income.” I decided to see what it was and followed the link; I watched a video about LARA, read some info and registered an account. After joining the community, I found myself in the investors’ chat. There I could watch people making their deposits, follow the news, chat with investors. However, due to the difficult situation in the family, I had no money even for a minimal deposit of $10, but I had a great desire to try it out. Thank God there are good people in the world who are always ready to help. @zykov, @BohdanSk, and @bidafi chipped in for my first deposit of $10. My wife and I were very excited about this! Then I began to save up the money, and, finally, I made my first reinvest. After that, I saved up a little more and made my first withdrawal in a couple of minutes. Now I invite my friends and family to join the program because it works well and brings a nice profit. I intend to continue to grow my investments, increasing my future income. Good luck to everyone and thank you, Lara!

HawaiianShirtGuy5 (also known as Joe):

My Dear Friends In Lara,

I know that we are all distressed about what has been happening. I’d like to weigh in a little bit.

A few weeks ago, Lara had a problem with double payouts. This was caused by an error with their payout processors. It was my opinion, although I was never able to prove it, that this was the first attack by an outside source to ruin Lara. It failed miserably, and Lara was back up and running quickly after that.

Further observation, after this incident was a tremendous amount of people who started to troll the Lara communities with negative comments. This was the second attack to try and stop Lara. Lara was able to handle this by admin banning the people who were naysayers and rats.

The rats then started another operation because they couldn’t do anything directly in our communities. So they started their own groups and created more trolling and troublemaking and eventually influenced the admin of Telegram about their lies to destroy Lara.

Why any group would so this is fairly simple. Some say jealousy. I say a conscientious attack by those who hate people to succeed outside of the normal ways of the established society. Lara was about Freedom. Some in control saw her as a threat and a loss of control of you, a slave to the system.

Anyway, I won’t go into a lot of details here but let’s just say I know how these types of hackers work and who is behind them. The powers in control want to keep you down, and Lara would have freed you.

So where do we go from here? Well, as stated before, the weak point was Telegram. It was supposed to be secure and problem free with the admin and creators of the Telegram app saying that they would never interfere. Well, now we know this is a lie. Telegram was based on privacy and just shot themselves in the foot. Telegram can never be trusted again, and this may very well lead to their downfall.

Lara must update their website and then run the Lara program within it. This is fairly easy to do. It can be created so it is hacker proof, bullet proof, and can’t be taken down. The website should have an easy login and can be created to make instant withdrawals and deposits and work very similar to Telegram. I would suggest that it be created with the Lara community being able to speak to each other as well, just like in Telegram, because this is what kept us all together. However, we can learn from our mistakes and moderators can have full control of keeping the rats out, and the communication clean, without other links to other programs or dark naysayers.

My suggestion to Lara admin is that this happens quickly, within a few days at the most, because every day that passes creates more unease and distrust in Lara, and once trust is gone, Lara in her current creation can not continue successfully.

Secondly, an app could be made that Lara controlled, but this will take more time, so a website first would be best and then go from there. Once again, it needs to be up inside of a week. Any longer and Lara admin and creators have to keep letting us know things are moving forward.

Communication is the key here, If communication drops from Lara for any length of time, I think there will be other things to consider.

Stay calm. Let’s just see where this goes, and hopefully, we’ll have this up and running again quickly.

If you are still willing to join Lara, please head over to:


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