The Members Of Illuminati & The Truth Behind This Secret Cult

The Members Of Illuminati & The Truth Behind This Secret Cult


Illuminati is known to control world affairs, by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations, to gain political power and influence and to establish a New World Order. The society’s goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power.

Many influential people from the entertainment industry, politics, business industry and more were accused as one of the numerous members of this mysterious group.

But is Illuminati real? If yes, who are the alleged members and how can we identify an Illuminati member?

Everything you need to know about Illuminati is written below.

Can you really become rich by joining some secret cult? Find out more about Illuminati, their history and the prospects they offer.

Many people are scared but interested in mysterious Illuminati. Who are they? How do they work? What is peculiar about them? And are they real at all or just a myth? Today we will find out everything connected with this sect. Get ready and read the article.

How Illuminati works?

What Illuminati means?

To understand the meaning of Illiminati, it is vital to know the origin of the term and its roots. It actually appeared long time ago. The word itself comes from the Latin illuminatus, which denotes enlightened. Originally, it referred to secret society. Its members were opposed to superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power. Nowadays, Elliminati is organization, the main purpose of which is to take control over all possible world affairs. They want to establish their own New World Order.

What Illuminati means?

Today many people are interested in them. There’re plenty of various theories created by researches. For many people, Illuminatie symbols, their search, and covered meaning have become an obsession.

How Illuminati works?

According to conspiracy theorists, this organization has a hierarchy. There are thirteen families in total. They control everything from behind the scene. Their real names have changed in course of time. The key ones might be Rothschilds (who control all the central banks in Europe) and Rockefeller (in the US). Many other families have been joining them with time. They are heads of business, politics, and markets.

How Illuminati works?

As we’ve said, their main aim is new world order. Illuminati people want to have single state with one currency and religion. Nowadays they are thought to work on plenty of different levels. That’s why they have many ways of functioning. The key level is banking. The majority of us cannot understand the importance of this system and how it actually operates. The fact is that it is owned by private shareholders. Thus, even if the state itself have part of it, most of control is in hands of unknown financiers. Besides, the government is deeply in the debts, which turn it into slavery.

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Illuminati who are they?

Besides the money, there exist secret society channels. They are mostly connected with Freemasonry. They also work through politicians, as the latest have influence on the government and they implement the laws.

Illuminati members use slow and steady tactics. Otherwise, people may notice them and their activity. They want people to think that all the events are coming about naturally, yet they’ve been preplanned.

Does Illuminati make you rich?

When people find out more about the sect, they start asking: can Illuminati make me rich? Truth is that their second purpose of existence is money making. Lots of illegal activities which help in generating money are connected with this cult. They usually apply the following ways for becoming rich:

Does Illuminati make you rich? prostitution,

• gun running,

• purchasing/selling military access codes,

• pornography,

• drugs.

As you may see, they are able to use any illegal and immoral means to reach their goals.

Does Illuminati believe in God?

Nowadays many of us are concerned about this issue, as the sect has always been considered devilish. Illuminati members actually believe in deification of men through knowledge. Of course, they know, there are supernatural things, which help them in achieving their aims. However, they do not strictly divide things into good and bad. They prefer enlightened or unenlightened. They also believe that the Christian God is real, but for them, Christianity adherents are one step short of enlightenment. Illuminati are sure that Christians cannot see full picture as they do. They are just sheep following a nice story created to feel better, because they are too weak to find out the full truth. Thus, they see God as just placebo for weak.

Does Illuminati worship the devil?

Does Illuminati worship the devil?

If you think they do, you are wrong. Devil worshippers are opposed to the Christian church, while Illuminati are opposed to everything superstitious. They are reasonable and their main purpose is enlightenment. Thus, they try to get more knowledge and do not think about abstract and unreal things.

Does Illuminati believe in god?

Who’s the leader of the Illuminati?

There are still lots of rumors and controversies concerning the personality of cult leader. There have been many guesses. The latest one says that the leader of sect is David Oink (also known as David Icke). He has written a lot of works and he has always warned about the danger of elite groups, such as Illuminati. And now he is a suspect himself. Lots of people say that the best way to hide the truth is to start blaming someone else. And this is what David has been doing for many years.

Who's the leader of the Illuminati?

Nevertheless, it’s impossible to prove this fact. And the truth is still unknown. There are still those, who cannot believe in this theory.

How Illuminati recruit members?

If a person proves s/he is worth being a member through, for example, the political field, Illuminati might get interested in him or her and try to recruit. First, they send anonymous letter and ask if s/he would like to help through a campaign. If this person agrees, s/he will eventually work the way up, being invited to more and more political rallies or private parties that eventually become somewhat corrupt. If the possible member is married, the cult may mix the name with prostitute and make some incriminating photos. Then, they can be used for blackmailing in the case if s/he ever turns against society.

How Illuminati recruit members?

Was 2pac Illuminati?

There have been plenty of gossips connecting Tupac with Illuminati. Many people claim that his career has started because of the sect. However, he started talking about them through his music and this was the reason he finally died.

Was 2pac Illuminati?

In his songs, he warned people about bad consequences of selling a soul to the cult. He did so and became famous, but later regretted. Some theorists say 2pac knew his death was approaching. First, he was accused of rape (without any evidence) and then he was killed. He broke their oath by starting to expose them. And he paid for this.

 Illuminati works?

Nevertheless, there are critics of such theory. Many other artists are openly against the sect and they are okay.

Illuminati scam has become a kind of modern issue. Many theorists have become obsessed and have lost the thread. The truth is often mixed up with the myths and rumors. Plenty of stars are accused of being linked with the cult and of devil worshipping. Try to stay reasonable and stick to the facts.

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