Putin’s Order To Russians Abroad: ‘COME HOME IMMEDIATELY’

Putin’s Order To Russians Abroad: ‘COME HOME IMMEDIATELY’


Vladimir Putin orders Russian who are staying abroad right now to COME HOME IMMEDIATELY.

Earlier this year, Putin has revealed that some secret groups of elites are hoping for a World War III. In a press conference, but he mentioned that there’s no need to nervous about as he will do whatever it takes to stop this from happening at all costs because too many lives are at stake. As a proof, he even signed the executive order against the Illuminati.

But is Putin losing all his hope and now getting ready for a World War III?

Vladimir Putin has ordered all Russian families with children studying abroad to return home to Russia immediately, as fears grow that the world is on the brink of World War 3. 

The children are to return to Russia urgently for their own safety, according to a report quoting Putin in media outlet Znak on Tuesday.

Russian intelligence sources believe that a major war with the United States is now more likely than it has been for decades. Government and media have warned the people to prepare for nuclear Armegeddon, after the U.S. announced it was “cutting ties” with Russia regarding the Syrian war.

Military and strategic experts have been warning that the Syrian conflict is not the isolated civil war the Americans say it is. The Syrian war is actually a World War 3 powder keg waiting to explode.

All of the world’s major powers are now active in Syria. With tensions at an all time high, and American rhetoric sending shivers down Russian spines, Putin is determined to protect his people at all costs.

Last week Vladimir Putin ordered every city in Russia to take part in an urgent, unprecedented civil defense drill lasting four days. 40 million people – almost a third of the country – took part in the exercise to prepare Russian citizens from imminent nuclear bombardment.

News of the unprecedented drill followed an announcement by Putin’s ministers that the government have built enormous nuclear bunkers capable of safely holding all of Moscow’s 12 million residents in the event of an attack on Russia’s largest city. Every single Muscovite must be protected, Putin commanded before the bunkers were built.
Now Putin is taking the drastic measure of ordering families with children – the most vulnerable – to return to Russia immediately, even if it means cutting their school year short.

We are on the brink of nuclear war and the Russian President could not be sending a clearer message.


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Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson

Total chap...putin would never lower himself to US standards

Anthony Hurney
Anthony Hurney

Debunked. The original source was unconfirmed and British tabloids went into meltdown...