Gigantic UFO Spotted Over Geneva Witnessed By Hundreds Of People

[VIDEO] Gigantic UFO Spotted Over Geneva Witnessed By Hundreds Of People


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Hundreds witnessed a flying saucer as ‘huge as a plane’ over Geneva, became a hot topic on Facebook.

Unidentified flying objects or usually called as UFOs are nothing new to us. We have been hearing about this for centuries, including the existence of aliens.

How about you, do you believe in UFOs or aliens? What made you believe it? Though there are so-called proofs or sightings of their existence, still no one officially proclaimed that they are true. It is still a subject of debates whether it is true or not.

But how can you explain those bright unidentified spacecraft that the government has not invented yet? How can you explain those?

An inexplicable flying saucer in the night skies of Geneva makes people speculate that it could be a UFO from beyond the Earth.

UFOs seem to find strange ways of passing by the Earth. Last Wednesday, one flying saucer hovered in the black skies over the La Praille area of Geneva near the stadium, creating excitement among hundreds.

Many excited witnesses uploaded photographs and videos of the mysterious object on Facebook and other social media platforms.
It was in the skies for 20 seconds from about 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 12. It then sped off. There were hundreds of witnesses, who located the shape and form of the UFO in the sky clearly. It was dark but glowed brightly in the sky. Many called it “oval-shaped and flat-topped.”

Matías Vitkieviez, a Servette FC footballer, wrote about it on Facebook: “Everyone sees the same thing as me? It’s completely crazy! UFO above the industrial area behind the stage of la praille #ufogva.”

Another witness said that he spotted a huge circle in the sky that was “as big as a plane.” It was emitting a “strange, shrill noise.”

“It was about 8:30 p.m.,” he continued. “The phenomenon lasted about 20 seconds and the object departed at once, as if it was burning. We can hardly see anything on the photo, but we clearly distinguished an oval and flatted-shaped object with three lights; then it quickly disappeared,” said Sacha on Facebook.

Though Sacha had always been “skeptical”, he changed his attitude after seeing the UFO. “It changed my way of thinking. Let’s say that before I believed 30 percent in UFOs, now I believe 70 percent.”

However, the control tower at the Geneva International Airport said that its surveillance radar did not find “any unusual activity over the La Praille area between 8 p.m. and midnight.”

There were hundreds of furious responses to that statement in social media.

A few explanations were countered. Was it a drone with LED lights? Fabio Chironi, an aerial photography expert said to Tribune de Genève that “Usually [drone] lights are arranged under the arms and not the ends. Moreover, they are of different colors to distinguish the front from the back. Finally, the object appears to be too big to be a drone.”

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring observed that it was a TR3B UFO. “In the two videos posted to Facebook, I notice that there are three lights in the sky which make it look like a TR3B (alien tech in USAF hands), which could be USAF or it could be actual aliens,” he wrote in UFO Sightings Daily blog.

Waring argued that it was not “a reverse-engineered USAF TR3B craft.”

“I think it is a real alien craft because I see there are a dozen tiny glowing white drones that leave the UFO and fly about just over the houses,” Waring commented. At first the UFO “cloaked” itself, but soon began to glow brightly and then sped away.

“Although an alien ship can cloak itself, when it powers up its propulsion to shoot away, it will glow and be visible at night,” he said.

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Philip Robinson
Philip Robinson

As big as a plain lol. You would think actual ufos would be pritty big. Maybe they are small because most are government owned 1 or 2 man operated like fighter jets


Elliot Inz - did you witness?