Real Reason Behind Anunnaki’s Existence On Earth

Real Reason Behind Anunnaki’s Existence On Earth


Disclaimer: The following material deals with controversial viewpoints and perspective on the true nature of reality so far removed from the status quo. Religious fundamentalists and corporate executives should turn away now. These theories, opinions and beliefs expressed are not the only possible interpretation. Viewers are advised to make their own judgment based on the available information. We do not force any particular belief system upon any free soul.

The Annunaki were the main gods of the Sumerian pantheon. Their name and certain aspects of their mythology have been co-opted by certain theorists on several occasions.

According to ancient Mesopotamian mythology, Anunnaki is an Anu, the supreme deity in the Sumerian belief system. Ki is the goddess of the Earth. The offspring of Anu and Ki are called the Anunnaki. Instead of thinking regarding black and white, it is useful to realize that Anu and Ki should be thought of metaphorically as the people from the sky (IBIRDS) and the planet itself, respectively. The Anunnaki are then simply the children which Anu created on planet Ki.

Many support the fact that all ancient creation stories can be traced back to a common source: that of the ancient Anunnaki. But, what is the true story behind the ancient Anunnaki? Are they really the creators of mankind? What are the chances that our civilization is the product of a super advanced alien race that visited Earth in the distant past?

As many of you already know, it is believed that the ancient Anunnaki came to Earth; mixed their DNA with a primitive species on Earth and created modern humanity.

Among other translations, many states that Anunnaki means “from Heaven to Earth they came.”

This somewhat ‘controversial’ theory isn’t accepted by all and some believe it is ludicrous to think something like this actually happened.

However, for a mysterious reason, nearly all ancient texts that speak of the creation of mankind tell the story of how ‘Gods’ created us in their image, and how these gods are to return one day to Earth.

Is it possible that these ‘Gods’ are the Anunnaki?

Many people firmly claim that there was indeed a time when ‘Giants’ were upon the Earth, and the ancient Sumerians were living with their gods, the Anunnaki.

These mysterious gods –who came down from the heavens— created mankind.

Thousands of years ago, they may have walked among mortal humans. They ruled the earliest civilization on Earth.

Millions of people acknowledge that it is possible that we are the result of bio-engineering.

Interestingly, Ancient Sumeria is often cited by scholars as one of the most ancient civilizations on Earth, if not the oldest and first civilization on the planet.

History tells us –according to ancient Sumerian texts— that the Anunnaki were considered as supreme deities in the distant past.

These beings are described as ‘humanoid’ beings but as well as nonphysical and spiritual beings who had far greater capabilities than ordinary humans.

It is believed that this spacefaring civilization –the anunnaki— came from outer space bringing technology and wisdom to Earth and mined our planet for precious minerals which they desperately needed.

It is extremely interesting that ancient cuneiform tablets mention the Anunnaki describing them in unprecedented detail, even speaking about how these ‘beings’ lived for hundreds of years ruling over mankind. They were anything but ordinary, and ancient texts suggest they were more than a myth.

Zecharia Sitchin who studied ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets for over thirty years believes that the so-called ancient Sumerian deities were in fact spacefaring aliens who landed on planet Earth in ancient Mesopotamia over 450,000 years ago.

In The Cosmic Code Sitchin writes:

“There was a time, the Sumerians told, when civilized Man was not yet on Earth, when animals were only wild and undomesticated and crops were not yet cultivated. At that long ago time there arrived on Earth a group of fifty Anunnaki.

Lead by a leader whose name was E.A. (meaning “Whose home is water “) they journeyed from their home planet NIBIRU (“planet of crossing”) and, reaching Earth, splashed down in the waters of the Persian Gulf… The time: 445,000 years ago.”

Many support the fact that all ancient creation stories can be traced back to a common source: that of the ancient Anunnaki.

From all of the above, we can determine that according to authors such as Zecharia Sitchin, and his translations of the ancient Sumerian tablets that the Anunnaki were the gods who created the first modern man on our planet.

Mankind was eventually enslaved by the gods. But the gods also created an offspring the Nephilim. These mysterious beings are the result of the beings who came down to Earth and intermingled with humans.

Similar stories are present in ancient Greek mythology. Zeus, one of the mot important Gods in ancient Greece is said to have fathered two HYBRID sons: Hercules and Perseus.

Interestingly, the Book of Enoch mentions beings referred to as ‘The Watchers,’ Angles, who came from heaven and procreated with humans.

Many people claim that the above stories are the ultimate proof of the Anunnaki and how these beings influenced nearly all ancient civilizations in the distant past.

As a matter of fact, if we look at ancient Hindu, Greek, Roman, Aztec, Egyptian and Mayan texts, we will find that there are fascinating similarities between them all: in the distant past, beings descended to Earth from the heavens and procreated with man which resulted in a offspring that was then one-half divine, one-half human.

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