Planned Fake Alien Invasion Of DNC Revealed By Anonymous

[VIDEO] Planned Fake Alien Invasion Of DNC Revealed By Anonymous

Alien Invasion

Disclaimer: The following material deals with controversial viewpoints and perspective on the true nature of reality so far removed from the status quo. Religious fundamentalists and corporate executives should turn away now. These theories, opinions and beliefs expressed are not the only possible interpretation. Viewers are advised to make their own judgment based on the available information. We do not force any particular belief system upon any free soul.

Are you ready for an alien invasion?

It’s definitely one of the most unimaginable scenarios that could ever happen on Earth. Imagine all the conspiracy theories about aliens and UFOs turning into reality and all that you were thinking the last few minutes of one of your ordinary days was how to catch the coolest Pokemon near you.

But imagine if one day, someone tries to stage an alien invasion? And you find out who that someone is? How would you react?

Because recently, Anonymous revealed that some entities had been trying to fake an alien invaison on November 8. Watch this video below for more information.

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